Current version is 0.81 (16 February 2009). ChangeLog README


I no longer use or actively maintain jpilot-syncmal. If you find a bug, I will do my best to fix it. However, the upstream source has been taken offline, so it is unlikely there will ever be new features.

jpilot-syncmal is a MAL (Mobile Application Link) plugin for J-Pilot. It was built upon malsync, and can be used to synchronize PDAs with MAL servers such as AvantGo. See AvantGo's homepage for more information on AvantGo and MAL.



This software is distributed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). The author of J-Pilot has given me permission to distribute jpilot-syncmal binaries.

GPG Key ID: 1024D/2BEB2113

Older versions may be found here. Please note that the contact info is incorrect in older versions.