My name is Jason Day. I am a programmer in Atlanta, GA. My first real programming experience was at a computer programming day camp at the local community college, in around 1980. We learned to program in BASIC on an Apple ][, and I was hooked. I couldn’t afford a computer, but I did have an Atari 2600, and there was a BASIC Programming cartridge available. What a cruel joke that was. It did keep me somewhat entertained though until I was able to acquire an Atari 600XL, which is what I really cut my programming teeth on. I didn’t have a disk drive or even a cassette drive; I had to enter everything by hand, every time. With a little help from Compute! magazine, I would spend hours typing in BASIC programs for silly games and playing them.

I continued my programming education in college, this time on a 386SX 25 Mhz IBM compatible, with a whopping 2 megabytes of RAM and a 52 MB hard drive. I taught myself x86 assembly language, to enhance the DOS batch “programming language”. I took courses in FORTRAN and Pascal, then C, C++, LISP and MIPS assembly language.

My first “real job” out of college was at a media company called iXL (now defunct). I started as a junior C/C++ developer, helping to port a game to Windows 95. While there I taught myself Java and Perl, eventually writing primarily back-end code in servlets and JSPs.

These days I do most of my programming in Java. But I’ve never lost the thirst to learn new languages, or about programming in general. I also make some code available on my web site.

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